It is the weekend ; a wee reprieve from a busy work week. I am a Hairstylist by day, and evening. And In my spare time a mother and wife; so basically I’m always working to make others lives work better. Lately, work has been up and down; I suppose I have something to do with this. I solve crimes at home and when I go to work I listen attentively all day for what my clients are not saying. Our world is full of unhappy unfulfilled people looking to blame all their problems on their salon service. Working in the beauty industry one must develop a very skin; people sometimes have nothing good to say to you; I suppose I must have a deep desire for rejection. I love the creativity of being a hairdresser but when your a painter your canvas is quiet. It’s not always easy to drown out all the back ground noise; ( including your client ) to create a design acceptable by all. As an artist I am highly critical of everything I create; most of us are sensitive people with a great need to please; however, I have worked with the peacocks who feel it would be hard to improve on their perfection……always interesting to me. Both of us messed up in our own ways ; the same but different. When I get home at night after I attend to the needs of what ever teenager crisis is at home ; I mentally reassess all my clients of that day; Did they like it? Was it the best work I could do . If I choose not to take on a challenge due to fear ; I’m sure to let myself relive this…….talk about tiring. Is it possible to really enjoy your day without stressing and reliving each moment analytically? Maybe. 

I come from an incredibly dysfunctional family; I know many of you reading my post are feeling some competitive inspiration coming on…..but I have this one wrapped up; don’t even try. My parents met each other whilst in the hospital each one institutionalized for a major breakdown; it must have been love at first sight. In fact my sister was conceived during their stay. So; when I say my young years had their challenges ; understatement! Dad was an alcoholic; prescription drug addict; warm and fuzzy is not how I would describe him and mom was manic who had a few long vacations at a facility nearest to us starting when I was born. Did I mention she also suffered from some long struggles with depression . I was a kid that never could anticipate what was coming. Here I am today ; I pick a career of pleasing people ; many unpleasable ! My nature is to always look for threats to my survival……believe me people’s expectations are very high…..I’m in the eye of the storm on a daily basis; always holding back my reaction to avoid certain death. I am a stylist who loves the art of creating beauty for people ; I love everything about hair ,except sometimes the person beneath it. I find it very difficult ; an ongoing battle to live in the moment and not obsess about the work that i have done that day.
Wish me luck.


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